How to Pass Your Practical Driving Test in South Australia

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Find the right driving instructor

We highly recommend that you take lessons with a qualified Adelaide driving instructor before you take a practical driving test.  Even if you have undertaken driver training with a family member or friend, you will want to ensure you're familiar with the most up to date requirements. You'll learn the things an examiner will look out for as you don't want any surprises when taking your test.

When learning to drive or preparing yourself for your practical test, you'll want a driving instructor who you'll feel relaxed with and provides a focus for ensuring you have the best possible chance of passing your test first time.

Key things to look for when choosing an instructor are:

  • patience and relaxed but with a disciplined approach
  • good communication skills
  • flexible hours such that you can practice in different light conditions
  • well maintained and modern learning vehicle
  • vast experience driving on Adelaide roads and knowledge of local conditions

In South Australia, the practical driving test is known as the Vehicle on Road Test or VORT.  This test needs to be taken with a qualified VORT test instructor who is not the instructor who you took driving lessons with.

Do your homework

Revise your road rules.  It may seem like ancient history since you passed your written learners test however if you break any of these rules during your practical test you'll find yourself having to retake it.  Learn also what practical examiners commonly fail driving students on so you can avoid these mistakes.

Practice the vehicle maneuvers

Make sure you've mastered vehicle maneuver skills such as reverse parallel parking, 3-point turns and braking technique.  Also make sure you practice simpler but potentially more hazardous maneuvers such as changing lanes on multi lane roads in variable traffic conditions.

Practice and revise the non maneuver skills

You may feel confident handling a car, however unless you can demonstrate safe driving skills and habits you wont pass your driving test.  This list of mistakes commonly made by young drivers will provide a guide of some of the things to avoid when driving or taking your test.  Remember safe habits all the time such as forward observation, anticipation of hazards, always look out for cyclists and pedestrians.

Understand Adelaide road conditions

You cant be certain on the day what your practical test examiner will throw at you.  They may surprise you by testing your skills in some complicated road condition situations.  Its best to be prepared by understanding how to negotiate some of the most Adelaide's most difficult intersections.

I can help you pass your VORT!