Driving Test: When to Check Your Mirrors

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One of the more common causes of driving test failure results from student drivers failing to check their mirrors.  Students may have mastered all driving maneuver skills but failed to demonstrate awareness of the situation 360 degrees around them.  Scanning ahead for oncoming hazards is a required skill in itself.  Ensuring you are up to date with events to your front, left, right and rear may not only ensure you’re … Read More

How to Pass Your Practical Driving Test in South Australia

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Find the right driving instructor We highly recommend that you take lessons with a qualified Adelaide driving instructor before you take a practical driving test.  Even if you have undertaken driver training with a family member or friend, you will want to ensure you’re familiar with the most up to date requirements. You’ll learn the things an examiner will look out for as you don’t want any surprises when taking … Read More

How to Get a Driving Licence in South Australia

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The following outlines the process of obtaining a driver’s licence in South Australia. The process to get a South Australian driver’s licence is: learner’s permit provisional driving licence stage P1 provisional driving licence stage P2 full licence. Learner’s Permit Test To get a Learner’s Permit (car class) you must be 16 years or older and pass a theory test (once known as a written driving test) which can be taken … Read More

What Do Driving Instructors Fail You On?

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Here is a list of common road law breaches that will result in immediate failure of your practical driving test (VORT)…Moving off from the kerb:Failing to signal for five seconds when moving off from a stationary positionStop signs:Failing to stopFailing to stop behind the stop lineStraddling the lane lines:Moving across a lane line (even just a little bit) without signaling/signaling long enough and giving way to traffic in the other … Read More

Common VORT Mistakes

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Common faults that students commit when taking the Vehicle On Road Test: Mirror faults (M): Failing to check the centre mirror prior to signalling or braking Signal faults (S): Failing to signal for a reasonable time before slowing to turn Approach faults (A): Approaching an intersection to turn too quickly causing the vehicle to go around the corner roughly or not allowing sufficient time to make observations prior to the … Read More