How to Get a Driving Licence in South Australia

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The following outlines the process of obtaining a driver's licence in South Australia.

The process to get a South Australian driver's licence is:
    1. learner's permit
    2. provisional driving licence stage P1
    3. provisional driving licence stage P2
    4. full licence.
Learner's Permit Test

To get a Learner’s Permit (car class) you must be 16 years or older and pass a theory test (once known as a written driving test) which can be taken at any of the Service SA – Customer Service Centres.

Before you can qualify for your P1 provisional driving licence you'll need to:
  • be at least 17 years of age;
  • hold a learner's permit for at least 12 months or six months If you're 25 or over;
  • complete at least 75 hours of supervised driving (including 15 at night);
  • pass the Hazard Perception Test.
You can get your P1 licence by:

Option 1 : Passing a practical driving test called the Vehicle On Road Test (VORT). You'll need to book with a motor driving instructor who has a VORT licence at least three days ahead and pay their fee.  The instructor who provides your VORT must not have participated in your training.
Option 2 : Complete the competency based training course (CBT) in your Driving Companion. You'll need to contact a motor driving instructor with a CBT licence who'll assess you in a series of practical driving sessions.

Hazard Perception Test

A hazard perception test can be taken at a Service SA customer service centre. (You must make an appointment first.) The hazard perception test is computer based simulation that judges your reactions and decisions for potentially hazardous scenarios. A fee is payable for each test attempt. You can re-sit the test immediately if you fail, provided a vacancy spot is available

Vehicle On Road Test (VORT)

The Vehicle On Road Test (VORT). will determine whether you have become a competent and safe driver. The test will take approximately 45 minutes. You must achieve a pass mark of 90% or more and not breach any road law during the drive.  Any breach of the road law will result in an immediate fail and termination of the test.

If you fail the VORT practical driving test, you must wait 14 days before re-attempting another VORT.

If you're planning to get a driver's licence in South Australia or have previously failed a VORT then Approved Driving School will ensure you're fully prepared for your practical driving test and qualifying for a P1 provisional driving licence.

Approved Driving School Adelaide provides driver training for students all over the Adelaide metropolitan area. We offer a friendly and patient driving instruction that will guide you through any obstacles knowing you're new to driving. You have the option of learning to drive in your car or our dual control vehicle for safe driving assurance. Our car is fully air conditioned and well maintained for safety and comfort.

Interstate Licence Holders

If you are visiting South Australia temporarily, you may drive with a current interstate driver’s licence. You must adhere to all conditions of your state's licence and rules applicable in South Australia.

If you are relocating permanently to South Australia, you must surrender your interstate driver’s licence and obtain a South Australian licence within three months.

You can apply at any Service SA customer service centre.

After you have paid the licence fee and your photo has been taken, you will receive a temporary licence and your photo licence will be posted to you.

Overseas Licence Holders

See our advice for international licence holders to determine whether you qualify to drive in South Australia or what you need to do to get a South Australian driver's licence.

For more info about driver's licence requirements visit


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