Common VORT Mistakes

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Common faults that students commit when taking the Vehicle On Road Test:

Mirror faults (M):
  • Failing to check the centre mirror prior to signalling or braking
Signal faults (S):
  • Failing to signal for a reasonable time before slowing to turn
Approach faults (A):
  • Approaching an intersection to turn too quickly causing the vehicle to go around the corner roughly or not allowing sufficient time to make observations prior to the turn
  • Approaching an intersection to stop or give way too quickly causing the car to stop abruptly or jerk unnecessarily
Position faults (P):

Incorrect positioning (too far forward/back or to the left/right);

  • Prior to turning left or right at an intersection
  • At a give way or stop sign
  • Turning right from a laned road
  • Entering a busy laned road
Observation faults (O):
  • Failing to look in both directions when turning at an intersection, including at traffic lights and roundabouts
  • Failing to do a blind spot check before changing lanes
Judgement faults (J):

Missing an opportunity or choosing a gap causing minor adjustment of speed of other road users when:

  • Entering a busy road
  • Turning right from a busy road
  • Turning right at a traffic light
Sequence faults (Q):
  • Failing to follow the correct sequence for the SOCC
  • Signaling before checking the mirror when turning
  • Signaling after checking the blind spot during a lane change
Vehicle Control (VC):
  • Unable to use all of the controls competently
  • Unable to use the windscreen wipers, hazard lights and air conditioner/heater when required
  • Unable to use the brakes and accelerator competently to provide a smooth ride without unnecessary jerking and jolting
  • Unable to select the correct gear when required
Safety Margins (Marg):

Traveling too close when;

  • Following another vehicle
  • Passing another road user or stationary object
  • Stopping behind another vehicle
Progress (Prog):
  • Driving along the road and through intersections at an unreasonable speed which causes obstruction to other road users
  • Dealing with unusual situations inappropriately or awkwardly
  • Moving around a bus at a bus stop
  • Moving past a garbage truck
  • Moving out to the way of an emergency vehicle

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